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Massage Therapy Post care

Girl Relaxing

What you do after your massage is dependent on your needs and what your body responds to the best. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, it is always looking to achieve equilibrium or natural balance; listen to your body and what it needs post-massage. Jennifer has some recommendations below to make the most out of your massage therapy treatment with complimentary post care. 

Glasses of Water


After a massage you definitely feel the thirst; massage therapy is dehydrating to the body from the compression of the tissues that occurs with massage techniques. Jennifer always recommends water to help decrease risk of soreness, muscle spasms, and rehydrate tissues.

Woman Stretching

Stretching and Mobility

After your massage treatment, Jennifer will recommend remedial exercises tailored to your needs and goals. Gentle yoga or light stretching is perfect post-treatment care to help the muscle fibers realign and aid to keep mobility gained in treatment.

Spa Bath


Taking a bath after a massage is a great way to prolong both the therapeutic and relaxational  benefits of a massage at home. The heat from the water further relaxes muscles, add in 2 cups of  Epsom salts and 5-10 drops of essential oils to reap the therapeutic benefits of both.



Resting post-massage is important, it gives the body the ability to direct its energy to restorative and healing processes. It can be difficult with hectic lifestyles but it is important to get eight hours of sleep a night as most repair and regenerating of cells occurs when we are sleeping.


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